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K & A

"We feel so lucky to have had LouAnn come into our lives for couples therapy at a very challenging point in our relationship. We were looking for a better way to move forward together, and LouAnn showed us that way. Through our work with her, we learned how to better approach conflict in our relationship, and we gained a deeper understanding of our own emotions/triggers/patterns and those of the other. We still draw upon these lessons daily and are forever grateful to LouAnn for helping both of us grow individually and as a couple.”

Amanda C.

"I have learned so much from Rita and LouAnn. They share their knowledge, experience with so much understanding and warmth. Whether we are talking or being led through exercises,  we look forward to every session! And our relationship has gone from just close to feeling like comfortable teammates - it's been fun and fulfilling."

Pam & Paul S.

"Rita's questions helped us rediscover feelings for each other which had been buried under everyday living.  It was a wonderful experience meeting with her. "

Jason S.

My partner and I decided to try Early Marriage Workshop because we had started drifting apart (and arguing more) once our work schedules got busy again after Covid. We didn’t know what to expect from Rita and LouAnne, but their Workshop ended up being hugely helpful. They were smart, friendly and they clearly love their work. They provided us with tools, suggestions, advice and support to help reconnect and strengthen our relationship, even though we were spending more time away from one another. Highly recommended!

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